Kurjuhjufud the greatest snowboarder of all time

Pronounced KER-JA-JA-FUD, kurjuhjufud has made a name for himself in the professional snowboarding scene in a matter of mere days. kurjuhjufud woke up one day, and he knew, deep down, that this day would be unlike any other. He would make a name for himself in the snowboarding scene, even if it killed him. kurjuhjufud didn’t just get up out of bed, he leapt out of bed, fueled by the fire of motivation. kurjuhjufud crafted a snowboard with his own two hands, made out of Snurfks (a rare goblin-like creature only found on the Mountains of Righteous Moves), and Siicckkkk Crystals (very radical crystals sold in rad town, radderson, on the continent of Radicl). kurjuhjufud worked day and night on his snow shredding machine, and after a week, his instrument of tubular moves was finished. With his powder-grinding goblin-crafted machine of ultimate snowboarded-ness, and a GohPruh in hand, kurjuhjufud headed to the Mountains of Righteous Moves, ready to make snowboarding history. As kurjuhjufud gazed down the slope of his destiny, he could feel the blood in his body warm his frosted skin, melting into a perfect mix of determination and motivation. When kurjuhjufud pressed the red button on his GohPruh, he knew that his destiny was close at hand. With the GohPruh rolling, kurjuhjufud soared down the Mountains of Righteous Moves, and righteous moves is what he did. Double inverted reverse triple backflips, negative 360 up-side down helicopters, and spinnyspins were just a few of the radical moves kurjuhjufud busted as he cruised down the snowy slopes of his future.
kurjuhjufud spend a whole day doing the most off-the-hook tricks imaginable, and after he had practically stripped the mountain side of snow, he went home, and immediately uploaded his trick compilation to YuuTub. In 2.4384 seconds, “kurjuhjufud’s legendary snowboarding trick comp” had amassed 2.8a7bc?091 trinquentillion views. kurjuhjufud had made the world know his name, but that didn’t mean kurjuhjufud had snowboarded his last…this was just the beginning…

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