Knot mask is incomplete

The knot mask in the video only removes knots from the top, here I rotate the normals around x by 180 and then take the difference to make sure both top and bottom will have no knots before feeding it into the invert node.


Thanks, good to see the node tree, perhaps show the result too?

Nice solution!

But just so you know, you could have put a math node set to absolute between the geometry node and the invert node to accomplish the same thing. The only reason I’m saying anything is that when I tried to tile my variant of this node tree, I ran into an issue with having too many nodes for Cycles to handle. So the number of nodes matters.

from above
from below

Not the geometry node, it needs to be after the separate XYZ node. But aside from that it works. I didn’t think of this before since I have a small brain so thanks :smiley:

results are identical


No problem. Oh, and if your brain was particularly small, I doubt you would have noticed that it wasn’t masking off the bottom face. So try not to think that way about yourself… if it wasn’t entirely a joke.


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Ah good catch, I’ll make fix this when I do some updates to the course in the coming months to address student feedback and changes in Blender 4+. Thanks!

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