Knights to arms [Glitch Garden]

Hey everyone, i finally finished my version of Glitch Garden. As everyone who got this far probably knows, once you start your own game in any way there is almost no end in sight because there is always something to change.
I decided to finish it up and to continue in the course, else i will never be done with it :smile:
So please let me know what you think about it, i have published it on the google play store and here is also a link to gamebucket.

Link to Gamebucket:

Link to Play Store:

I made the game challenging, especially at the beginning. If you want to easily beat the game then ignore the weak enemies at the beginning and concentrate on your gold production.

Totally forgot to mention where i got the assets from.
Castle & Texture:!/content/51230
The enemies were taken from the game “glitch”:
Background & Symbols:


well done, pretty smart :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking your time and trying it :slight_smile:

Hey Mojtaba, it is really polished and well executed, nice work.

I couldn’t find anything wrong at all.
It is hard, but definately has that ‘one more try’ feeling.

The green and then black dudes finished me off, I didn’t get past that point.

I like the option to 2x the gold & 2x the castle’s strength.
I also like the monochrome outline end screen.

Thanks you very much for testing it so thoroughly and giving me the feedback :slight_smile:
Ye well i realized that it is really hard to find a good balance in such a game, took me really long to somehow make it ok.
But as i mentioned, there is so much to improve that we would never be able to finish the course :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!

Nicely done! I haven’t even started my glitch garden because right now I’m making my own project but I wanted to do something similar. What bothers me in your game is that the screen is turning off. In this kind of game user doesn’t have to click all the time so I think you should fix this issue. You have to add only one line to your code:

Screen.sleepTimeout = SleepTimeout.NeverSleep;

Oh my god i didn’t even think about it anymore. I remember doing it on Laser Defender though.
Thank you very much for taking your time and hinting on something so important :smiley:
As you know of the play store it will take a while until the upload comes online…

Games great. Very addictive.

Couldn’t recreate it elsewhere on the screen but did this accidentally and ended up with an archer on the button panel.

Other than that awesome game, maybe include what health each unit has when you start the game? Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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hahahaha nice bug finding :smiley: didn’t see that one coming!
Thanks for play testing and i will do it maybe as an additional panel with a ? button or something similar :slight_smile:

A lot like what I have been working on. Looks great! I have been manually transfering all my 3d models into 2d sprite sheets… I never even thought about just simply importing it as a 3d model and using it like that. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Ye i just tried it and it worked out just fine because i could change the angle whenever i wanted by just rotating the 3d model in the inspector :wink: Now i am curious and want to play your version too!

@Mojtaba Heres a link to a video from my progress about 4 months ago, more has been done, but its not in the video. Right now I am in a transition period from homes, and my laptop with all the game files is in storage so sadly I can’t work on it. Not trying to jack your thread, but since you asked about it heres a video.

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This turned out really well! I quite enjoyed my playthrough and thanks to your tips (focus on gold first) I was actually able to finish it successfully the first time around.

Once you have a solid defense going there’s very little stopping you though, since the difficulty seems to plateau after the introduction of the ‘black squares’ enemy type (don’t know what to call them ^^).

I ended up with my castle having 13k hitpoints and making ~300 gold a second. Don’t get me wrong, this was fun and I love being all-powerful as much as the next gamer :slight_smile: But since you were asking for for feedback, this is the only thing I could think of.

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thats really good, i really love your style and choices.
if anything, you do have style mate keep up the good work i seriously can not wait to see your zombie runner and Ahoy Matey. (if you ever decide to make them or go that far :smiley: ) but yeah, for this game, if anything, you simply have a good taste.
and also, it shows you did put effort in the work, well done. and keep going :slight_smile:
edit: also i must say, you have done really well with the tutorial, i actually thought quite a bit on how to make a good tutorial for it, and i simply failed well done :slight_smile:

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I really enjoyed this game. In fact I downloaded your other games and enjoy them too! I really like the art style and the gameplay. My only critics would be that the music doesn’t fit. Something about revolutionary war era music and castles doesn’t blend well. I would also look into implementing some feedback when selecting and placing defenders, be it audio or visual. Also, I would look at the balance as it I’d possible to win without placing a single defender.

Overall though great work! I can’t wait to play your next game!

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@Kimset sorry it took me so long, i was on vacation for some days… You game looks great, we have almost the same taste :stuck_out_tongue:
I can see how much work you put in there! Keep it up :slight_smile:

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