So i used the Boolean Modifier with Union to add the mane and Difference to add the mouth. What are your thoughts about that, guys?


Blender has many possibilities. There is not a good or wrong approach. More or less efficiency and what you want to do (function) with the mesh.

The eyes are small … but it is also a designer’s choice.

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The reins? are a good idea addition, if not really right to how real ones would be.

You can use Boolean, there are no wrong ways but it might be more simple to have extruded the shapes. Booleans can make messy topography.

Yeah… I still had to do some tweaking in the overlapping faces to get a good result, in the end, maybe using only one single mesh would have been easier

About the reins, it is from my reference, but i didn’t want do add too much geometry to keep the low-poly topology

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Ah I see. The reference piece cheats too but to me currently it looks just draped over the head. Purely personally I would at least add a section that makes a band go all round the head at that point. At least looking like a loop of ‘reins’ has been put round the head and would stay there.

But it is all a personal design thing nothing wrong with the model. It would bother, irritate, me, probably no one else. lol.

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