Knight challenge

I am not gonna lie, this one was indeed a challenge to do haha ! :sweat_smile:
Could have done better but i think i spend too many time on this model already !


Good first try on knight! It’s really hard part in this course and lots of students struggle with it - I certainly did.

I’ll hold on on commenting about the overall shape as it is really hard to get right at this stage of learning journey. But there seem to be some issues on how the head is attached to the ‘body’ - some hard lines, shading artifacts. That would suggest there are some topology problem, maybe some duplicated verticles, etc. This is IMO even more important to learn how to do correctly then getting the shape right at this stage of the course…


Great progress. Yes the knight is difficult because it is a ‘modelling’ challenge instead of a symmetrical model.
You did a good job. And if you had fun, then time flies!