Knee pole target problems

I’m having a couple of issues regarding bones orientations.

The constrained bone gets a weird orientation in regards to the pole target, I have to set an angle of 45 degrees.

I did a couple of rigs in Maya (I know it’s a totally different system) and it has tools to properly re-orient the bones - the armature flow is very important in the Maya system, so all the bones in a chain have to be oriented to an axis (ppl generally orient the bones don’t through the X-axis if I recall correctly). Regarding IK and pole arms, usually the Pole Targets in Maya are positioned on the side of the vertex of the angle and have to be perfectly aligned with the targeted bend in X/Y, meaning that for a pole arm to work correctly you’d have to position it perfectly aligned in the X and Z axis in relation to the elbow (ending of the upper arm bone?) and offset in Y (only) in the direction of the back of the arm (vertex of the IK angle taht forms when the arm is bent). So I wonder if the fact that we’re setting up the pole target on the opposite side to the vertex of the angle is causing issues, added to the fact that I didn’t find a way to fully and properly control the joint orientations (beyond the bone roll option, which in the beginning of the section is said that should be set to Zero).

I attached a screenshot below to try and illustrate the problem I’m having (if I don’t set the IK constraint angle to 45 degrees).

EDIT: Trying to figure out a solution to the symmetry problem described in the discussions of the lecture 72 I’ve found that the Roll values should actually be set to Zero and the pole targets should be positioned in live with the vertex of the angle intended behind the elbow and not in front of it, this solved the issue I think.

EDIT 2. Regarding the Joint Orientations in a previous lecture ( #67) I’ve encountered the following issue:

My character has feet, but the feet bones (L and R) have weird orientations (Z and X are diagonal in relation to the rest of the rig). Any ideas for a solution? I can’t seem to find an exact value for the roll and the Z axis is switched for the Y-axis comparing to the rest of the downwards bones.

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