King's Cross

So, I had to use Boolean (union) to make the cross, otherwise, the surface always looked weird. (Because it’s flat from one side and jagged on the other etc.)
Other than that, it’s quite a simple design. What do you think? (Btw, thanks so much for all the feedback I got in earlier posts - it really helps!)


Looking good and a distinct style. I just wonder if the king needs a ‘crown’, though more restrained than the Queen’s flamboyant one.

Hmm… I see your point. It feels like the king is almost too simple.
But I am not sure about a crown. In a former version of the queen, I put a crown with many little spikes on her - but it didn’t look good at all (too detailled in comparison to the rest). Or do you have a different idea for a crown?

What I what thinking of. Poor fast mock up.


Awesome idea!! I have moved on with the tutorial, but I bookmarked your post, so I can get back to that.

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