King (and full set)

So the king is complete (all hail the king?), which means I finally have a full set of chess pieces - hurrah!

A whopping (for this exercise) 2256 Tris, 1020 Faces and 1129 Verts! Most of those, it has to be said, are in the crown: as well as the black ‘jewels’ on the spikes I decided to indent the cross at the top.

Overall I’m pretty happy with these (a far cry from the disaster I thought I was heading for at the start!). Stylistically the Castle and King don’t really match the rest because of the more detailed textures they have (and there are lingering issues with how clear ‘faction’ is on the pawns and castles) I might do something about that at a later date, but for now I want to press on with the rest of the course.


I think if you make the castle a darker stone texture, it solves the problem.

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