Khaos addon - glitches in smoke animation - Mars Landing

Hi Guys, recently I’ve completed: “Blender Environment Artist: Create 3D Worlds”. The course was very beneficial to me and let me go further with blender creations.
0001 0129 - YouTube

Now I’m working on an animation where there is a SpaceX Starship landing on the surface of Mars. I modeled the ship, imported DTMs to work on the landscape, and then came the biggest leap for me.
The PROBLEM I’d like to discuss with You is how to improve the shadows cast by the smoke simulation and get rid of the smoke flickering and glitching. It’s the first time me working on smoke simulations is there any other less time-consuming method to achieve the dust/ smoke raising from the surface?

Here is the preview of the animation that I’ve created.
0001 0911 - YouTube

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Yes, indeed a strange flickering.
No idea what’s happening.

Are you rendering in Eevee or Cycles?

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Is it something to do with randomising the ‘seed’ or some such thing I seem to recall mentioned before.

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Yes, could be!

I’m rendering in Cycles here are the details :slight_smile:

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It is an option in the rendering / video (somewhere) part. Can’t find.
try render advanced part.

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