Kermit the Frog's Ancestor

Here’s my smooth dino body.

It’s funny that the toon shading without shade smooth turned on gives him these pointed parts that look like the collar that Kermit the Frog wears. And he’s already green, so there we go. Looking forward to doing more!


I love it, I would say add eyes but I feel like this model has something to it that makes it look good without them. Amazing job!

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Hahaha, thanks. This is definitely just this lesson. I’ll add more as I go through it. Maybe I should’ve added kermit eyes for this one though. Here you go:


Yeah lol, I think it actually looks better with eyes now that I see it that way, but yeah, the more you add the better it’ll become!


Yes give it webbed feet and claws. :grinning: :frog:

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Maybe I’ll go back when I’ve finished the full course and do an entire Kermit-osaurus Rex. :laughing:

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Omg yes pleeeeease! I would love to see that haha

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