Keep it Simple Stupid


Feedback on this and the next section.
I had spent 5 hours to this actually trawling though the AI system looking for traces of a previous bug so i had the heads up of what was in store. I was amazed at the mess we had created and i ended up having to walk away a couple of times to untangle myself from it. I can only imagine what a nightmare this would be if someone came new to the team and had to use that!

I came up with a very loose version of what Sam does in the lecture and as i feel i failed quite badly i ought to share it (Sam’s is in much more of a logical order and more detailed.)

See or hear Enemy move toward it
Raise gun to aim
When within range start firing till target dead or cannot see or hear target.
If no lost enemy move to last location.
Wait and return to patrol route.

I completely missed the ranges so would have hgad my enemies being right in my face and had to correct that later and not planning for it plus other things.

The following lecture is very well done, Its laid out so its simplicity and following this lecture was a breeze.
The new structure just makes soi much more sense and reads like it should without giving me whiplash switching screens so often!

I havent found anything untoward in these lectures but i will apply this to my own project and give any feedback if i notice anything.

Thanks Sam!
PS Yay sound events!

Edit :- 2nd pass no issues only discovered i had already exposed health in 2nd project. yay i learned!

Thanks for the fantastic feedback @Marc_Carlyon. My only concern is that you were so frustrated earlier. I’m currently doing a review of the earlier content since I took over from Ben. I’m hoping to improve things and keep that frustration at bay. However, short of rerecording the last 50 lectures, I can’t make changes to the actual project so I think I may just have to tell people to be brave and soldier on till this lecture.

I’m glad the new struct makes sense. I think yours would have been great too. There’s many ways to skin a cat as they say. And they all leave the code looking better (and the cat worse).

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