Just saying hello and sharing my goals for the Unreal VR course



What are you VR goals?

to learn Unreal VR engine and build prototype experiences

How do you plan to follow the course?

I will do at least one hour a day on the course. making a google goals reminder.

Do you have a side project?

Yes, I have two. One is a game project, one is an educational project.

What platform have you got?

I have HTC Vive and an Oculus GO. and of course Google cardboard.

What are you looking forward to?

I used Unreal years ago on several game projects. I’ve done the Udemy UNITY VR course and I’ve self instructed on AFRAME WebVR. So now I’m getting back up to speed in Unreal for VR. Mostly i’m looking forward to using Unreal Blueprints as I’m somewhat familiar with Kismet, the old node based visual scripting system. Longterm I’m looking forward to learning more about AR and spatial computing.

Here’s my website if you’re interested in my backstory.