Just found what was off: Orthographic Camera

Hello there!

I have been following the course and just hit lesson 41. While building my version of Rick’s village, I noticed that the camera perspective (regardless of what values you use for the camera) did not match the look and feel of the games we are aspiring after, namely Diablo 3 and Torchlight.

After playing around with the values of the perspective camera for quite a bit, I just tried to change the camera angle to Orthographic, and, shazaaam! Just like magic, game suddenly looked and felt like a Diablo 3 game!

There are definitely pros and cons to both types of camera: the perspective camera really helps show farther objects, especially if you have a lower camera setup. Cool effects like seeing Rick’s Village from the top of the hill is a perk of that camera type. Also, there have been great RPG games using perspective camera such as (just guessing here!) Never Winter Nights (1-2), Divinity Original Sin series, and Dragon Age Origins (tactical camera).

However, games like Titan Quest, Diablo, Torchlight, all seem to use the Orthographic Camera. This camera seems to be able to provide a much more constricted game space, unless you really increase the scale. Also, the mechanics of the camera and the values work differently. The looks of the game seem to be more original though. I immediately got he same feeling as I have when I am looking down at Titan Quest map.

What do you think? Can the decision to choose one camera over the other be made later in the course, or do you think the level design should already be set up according to the camera choice from the very beginning?

Any ideas on this? Which camera do you think Diablo 3 really uses: Orthogrphic or Perspective?

I think they use ortographic camera. I’m also thinking about switching to orto cam. I think orto is better if you want the player just to see a bit of the scene, so it is also better to implement some kind of “traps” which you would see in perspective from a greater distance than from ortographic view. I think its all about how hou want to show the player your world.
Sorry for my bad english skills xD

Thank you for the answer.

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