Just finished the main part

Awesome course, I would recommend this to every beginner unity developer. I really liked it. But I had to constrain myself not to do too much my own flavor on coding.

Would love to see some further improvements in Inventory for the units? Maybe some different weapons based on the inventory.

Next step in my learning is going to be the Hex Bonus course and after that I will try to make a simple game based on the course.

Happy coding! And thanks again for this awesome course.


That’s awesome to hear, I’m glad you enjoyed it!
For the next expansion (hopefully next month) I’m planning to cover multiple vertical levels.
Then after that I might look into inventories, I’ve implemented exactly that in my upcoming Steam game which is based on this course Adding 12 Mechanics to my Steam Game in 2 WEEKS! (Devlog 01 - Total World Liberation) - Code Monkey


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