Just finished my block breaker game

hello everyone,

I have just finished making my block breaker game.

I used Inkcape to create my assets i made my background for the levels with a transparent background to help me push forward of level creation so that changing the tint of the camera would create different levels.

I wanted to take this approach as down the line i would like to implement into my game an endless level production by using Procedurally Generated Content (PGC) setting different layouts of bricks and changing the background colour randomly for each level.

please give it a try and let me know what you think.

thanks everyone.


Really cute and a lot of personality. I love it.

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Thanks I appreciate your kind words.

I like the life Counter - great addition to the game :slight_smile: But noticed that sometimesit get borring loops :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the feedback, the game would probably have the looping problem eliminated after the change of the angled paddle I may upload a new version of it now that I have full finished that section.


webGL version and completed with new paddle.

Nice game! I really liked the robot! ^^

Thank you Peter.

Enjoyed this, I really like your artwork :slight_smile:

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Thank you Simon. That means a lot.