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I appreciate the order of these videos. I’m not a numbers guy, never been, but with this course so far I am feeling comfortable and getting a very clear idea of how, when and why to implement number based work in coding.


That’s awesome Martin! Keep it up and never give up!

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I saw recently an explanation about money and the interest on money.
If you got an interest of 5% on 100 Euro. It’s not calculated at the end of each month (year, week). As in 5%*100 +100 = 105.
It’s more, because of accumulation over time.

It’s more like 100e5% = 13,6 -> 113,6 (where e is slope 1:1, is like 100%, if I’m correct) :wink: Difficult to explain …

I’m have fun! But I must say, my math became rusty after so many year.