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I was a bit dissapointed the dope sheet lecture was so short especialy because that sneak peek of the action editor and the other modes got me worked up. Does this course cover these?

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I have no up-to-date info on the course contents.

The old blender course was very sparse about NLA editor and animation. Very superficial.
I found that the old Blender character course, learning the puppet walk cycle was more informative. I learned more from that.

I find the NLA editor a difficult piece of functionality. Its UI hasn’t been updated that much as Blender in general. Most of my NLA knowledge komt from YouTube instructions.

It is a beginners course. There will always be elements that could go deeper. This Dope sheet thing I have never looked at. We get a basic grounding that can be followed up in specialised areas with YouTube etc.

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I’d say it’s thorough enough as a complete beginner. I’ve learned a lot and it’s made in such a way to try things out yourself

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