Just a small question about lights

I am getting through this lecture section very well but I have a question on the torches animation and sound. When I test play the level after putting in the torches and setting my own game player (without the arms showing), I get a jerky motion as I walk through my level and I hear a static-like sound that starts and stops as I am walking through my dungeon. To me it looks and sounds like the lights animation is looping but not evenly and there is a slight pause at the end of the animation that causes my scene to stutter as I try to walk through it. What is causing that and how do I fix it?


I don’t suppose you can showcase this somehow so I have a better idea of what you’re talking about?

I could screen capture a video. However, I think my problems stem around the fact that my computer’s virus protection is not allowing me to run code in C++. Every time I try to create or add lines of code in as the lecture shows, I get a message from my virus protection that it is blocking the threat. I have gone to the virus protection software and turned it off temporarily (10 minutes) and then the procedure that I was trying to do now works. But that is temporary and 10 minutes later if I try to add code to the project, I get the same message from my virus protection. Slows the process way down. I don’t know how to stop my Antivirus program from doing that.

Your antivirus software should have an exclusion list which you can add folders to.

I know about the exclusion list but am having difficulty navigating to it.
Thanks for the help.

I will solve my problem (or at least try) and try to move along.

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