Just a small problem

I generated a rig for my model and then, somehow, the hand controls aren’t aligned with the hands.

As you can see, the hand controls aren’t aligned. I have fixed this before, but I forgot how I did it. I tried to fix the roll of the bones in the Transform, but still, nothing happened. How do I fix this? Just what do I need to do?


In edit mode, you can relocate the bones (stretch).
Then you need to auto-weight paint the bones again.

  • did you forget to apply scale to the duck?
    Because of the miss alignment?
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I made sure I applied the scale to it.

Does this help?

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The answer of that link is three years old and the version is 2.9. Mine is 3.4. In other words, Rigify is already updated and is very different compared to the past version. However, I fixed it by not actually rotating bones. Instead, I just grabbed the joints and hoped for the best and it worked.


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