Jumpy Jumpy Challenge Feedback


Here is a video documenting my slow completion of this challenge (https://youtu.be/d6aDEkrfBJs). The video is set to unlisted. It’s only for feedback purposes. The following is my feedback:

  • How long did this challenge take you: 60 minutes
  • Was there anything that didn’t make sense or was confusing:
  1. I initially expected to open the project and see the same scene that Rick had in the tutorial, which I guess I shouldn’t have as adding the assets to my Assets folder would not create a scene (I just realized that).
  2. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the already serialized variables within the script. It threw me off a bit, as when I added the force of 1000f, my player just went off into the world indefinitely. I think that it would be pretty reasonable to expect challenge participants to be able to create a force variable themselves and then they can experiment with the numbers without thinking that 1000f should be the goal because it was already put there. The same goes for the “Add Force” hint in the challenge. It’s quite easy to find that in the documentation when searching for how to add a force, so I wouldn’t think it’s necessary for someone who has at least gone through a few sections of one of the courses.
  • Did you find any errors or showstopping issues with the project file: I kept getting a warning with the jump.cs script (that has disappeared, funnily enough). It’s in the video recording, however.
  • Were the challenges too easy, just right, or too difficult: This was surprisingly difficult for me, though I wouldn’t say toooo difficult. This is my first time doing anything in Unity 3D and I got a bit confused by how to use the AddForce method. However, I did understand the general dynamics of what I should be doing in order to achieve the overall behavior.
  • Was suggestions do you have for improvement: I think I already nested all the suggestions in the above comments. I enjoyed the challenge and am looking forward to the next one! :).

@Jackie Hi there. I only want to point out that if you import the downloaded file in an new Project, the Scene in the video presentation is under the Scenes Folder > Sandbox scene. Load this and you will find the scene setup exactly like Rick’s :blush:

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@z.goerbe Oh, wow! How silly I feel. Thank you SO much for pointing that out. I have found it now :smiley: :D.

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First thing I noticed was that my scene has way more lighting that Rick’s. image

Adjusting directional light 1 seemed to fix it. I then managed to have my player fall through the bottom of the world by backing up under the stairs ;-). Still that’s unrelated.

Found the missing bit of code pretty quickly on the Gameplay object, just added

    other.attachedRigidbody.AddForce(transform.up * jumpForce);

It seems to work OK? Total time about 15 minutes (including some unity doc searching). This challenge was super easy and I really am a beginner, this is the first unity 3D project I’ve looked at (done some 2D though)

You actually inspired to livestream record that challenge as well, although it hasn’t finished uploading in full resolution so I won’t share the link to what’s now an awful SD version until the HD has completed uploading.

  1. Although the force variable had a hardcoded value of 1000f in the scripts, it actually imported with a serialized editor value of 7000f, so you can imagine how shocked I was when I basically entered orbit and eventually fell down so fast that the physics system couldn’t stop me from falling through the floor! I made a comment while recording that this was probably a practical joke by Rick. :laughing:

Haha, I hadn’t considered the practical joke! I bet you’re right. The same thing happened to me re: orbiting and then crashing through earth’s floor :).

Btw, if it makes you feel any better, I’ll probably struggle with the 2D since I haven’t touched that in forever (I’m decent at 3D modeling but my drawing needs work - luckily there’s a new course for that!)

So I have a confession to make…When I did the last challenge for the random teleportation, I had one unused teleporter left that I couldn’t get to because it was inside the house without a door. Sooo, I went into scene view and moved one of its walls so I could complete it :yum:

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Haha, as everyone keeps telling me, there are many ways to solve a problem! Removing a wall sounds like a pretty valid way to me.