Jumping barrels

Love the video so far. I noticed that the barrels are more stable with the new collision but they jump when the game starts. I solved that by unchecking the option “Start Awake”. But the barrels are still very unstable when hit by the projectile. I put the barrels in a pyramid shape. Even if I hit the top barrel, all the barrels jump, and fall. I changed the mass for the barrels to 25,000, but that seems like a lot. Is that because the projectile is traveling at such a high speed (4000)?


I’m having trouble replicating that. Do you get similar behaviour using a box collision?

Hey LordCommandr I’m not sure if you have solved this yet but I had same problem,
now I’m not sure if this is practical but I just raised the barrels by .2 and they stopped jumping, its because they are inside other barrels/objects a touch. I hope this helps but I hope there is a better way too than that.