Jump Cursor Over Parentheses in Visual Studio Code

I just started the RPG Core Combat Course. The course uses Visual Studio Code.

In Visual Studio Community, you can “jump over” parentheses with the tab key. For example when using Debug.Log(something), after you are done typing something you can press the tab key to jump the cursor out of the parentheses (instead of using the right arrow or the end key).
However this does not work with Visual Studio Code. Does anybody know if there is a fix to this? Or does anybody know a more handy and efficient way of getting out of parentheses in VS Code? Thanks!

I actually don’t know a shortcut for this in VS Code.
The good news is that if you’re already used to Visual Studio Community (or JetBrains Rider, for any Rider users who stumble across this), you can continue to use the editor you’re comfortable with. In fact, you’ll probably have an easier time of things because Code can be persnickety when it comes to Intellisense.

Hi Brian,
Thanks a lot for your advice. I just discovered an extension called TabOut that does exactly what it says: tab out of quotes, brackets, etc…
I finished the Complete Unity 3D course with VS Community. I will keep using VS Code for RPG Combat course. That would make it easier to follow the course.
Personally I like the VS Code minimal interface compared to VS Community. And I think the code coloring in Code makes it easier to read what you wrote.
I know there are many more editors available. And this looks like a good topic for GameDevTV to discuss in a short course or on YouTube. How each editor compares to the others, what are some editor specific features, how to effectively use a code editor for improved efficiency, typing and so on… This could help developers find the ideal editors for them.
Thanks a lot for your help.

I didn’t even know this was a thing and have been using VS for a while lol. I hated that it auto completed the quotes, parenthesis because of the cursor being stuck behind. End up always just closing the parenthesis anyway(which thankfully it just replaced the one it added rather than adding a duplicate). Thank you for having this issue and showing others who don’t know about the possibilities

I’m glad you found this helpful.

I’m sure there are many more simple tricks that would make using a code editor more efficient.

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