.JSON file format legality

I’m assuming it’s still going to be allowed to use the .json file format after Java finishes switching to a pay model for commercial products? Presumably it’s still okay to make your save game formats use .json without having to pay licensing fees at some point?


Are you referring to something in the course? If so, which course? And what do you mean by “it’s still going to be allowed to use”? Did you read somewhere that something is going to change? If so, it would be great if you could share the source.

JSON has got as much to do with Java as JavaScript. It’s short for JavaScript Object Notation. If you fear that you’ll have to pay to use this format, you could look into YAML.

Last but not least, if you have got any legal questions, for example, regarding licenses, we cannot give you any legal advice because we are no lawyers. If in doubt, always read the licenses by yourself, and if you cannot understand them, consult a lawyer specialising in that field to be on the safe side.

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I just meant with Java switching to pay model for commercial use. I might have had a little too much caffeine the day I asked that question.

Java does not have anything to do with JSON, and we don’t use Java in the Unity courses. That’s why I was slightly confused. :slight_smile:

Updated Tue Mar 19 2019 14:45
Yes, I’m aware that we need the JDK for Android builds but since we focus on WebGL and standalone builds in the course, I’m not wrong.

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