Jittery movement on cancelling attack or standing close to enemy

Just re-doing the remastered section of the course and I have come across a bug which I noticed after completing section 4 (Combat Section), My player is jittery is two instances

  • when I move to the enemy, then click away to cancel attack
  • when I move and stand close to the enemy

While in Game mode,
if I disable either the enemy’s navmesh or the player’s navmesh. The player stops the jittery movement and idle state is smooth.

I have gone and crosschecked all my script files and they match the commit state of lectures at that point / rewatched all videos in this section and I dont seem to have missed anything.

Is this something specific to the character assets I am using by any change? Or I am missing some option with navmeshagent. since that seems to be stopping the issue when disabled?

its just one of those tiny bugs I would like to solve before I move on to the next section.

This is usually the stopping distance causing an issue on the navmeshagent.
I would have a play with that and see if thats the issue.
It could be the stopping distance causing an issue though as you have different models so the settings may vary.

Also double check the navmesh to ensure is okay around the area as sometimes a split navmesh at that point can be the the cause.

Hope this helps

Oh wow, this is something I completely blanked out on when we were creating our models. All my models had a stopping distance of 0 when bug exists. I just set my stopping distance to 1 on both enemy and player and problem is gone.

thanks irresistiblejelly!

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