Jittering player ship while using TimeLine

Hi There,
I used timeline, it worked at first. But now my player ship jitters when check in game window.
But if i check the game in timeline by pressing space then it works without any jitters.

I tried to search the reason but without any kind of success.
Here is the link to the video : https://youtu.be/biG7HHBAf6A
Could you please help me ?

Hi Bhavesh,

I don’t know if that’s the problem but the ship looks as if it was rolling. This might be an issue in the code, or rather: an issue with the clamp values.

Have you already compared your code to the Lecture Project Changes which can be found in the Resources of this lecture?

Hi Nina,

I have exactly same code as in the Lecture. Only difference is that I have used time line.
By the way, meanwhile I found the problem.

  1. If you have time line.
  2. Player ship has box collider and rigid body without kinamatics.
  3. Then some how the code in following line is making problem.
    As the y value is in minus as the ship is lowered little bit compared to the camera.
    And that is why ship jitters as well as when we start the game ship is sliding back of the camera because of the negative value and gravity. then ship always lag behind the camera.
    “float pitchDueToPosition = transform.localPosition.y * positionPitchFactor;”

Solution should be bit decent that i dont have for this trap. But at least i found the problem
In the lecture Ben is using waypoint circuit loop which does not let player rig go.

Working solution:
It works when we activate is kinematics in the rigidbody so that physics does not work. and everything works perfact.

To find out this bug, today i spent almost 4 hours. And 4 times new timeline, thinking that my time line has bug.

Thanks again for your prompt reply.

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Good job on fixing the issue, and thanks for sharing your solution. :slight_smile:

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