Jittering Line cause 2nd Blenderwindow?

Hey a have a strange problem.
I changed my paintinglayout.
I opend via Window-> New Main Window this one draged over to my graphics tablet with 3d Viewport → Texture Paint. The other window contains Image & Shader Editor.
Everthing worked very well, til it came to the stone outline part.
I followed Grant’s instructions Radius ~9 pressure on and Strength ~ 0.150 pressure on.
While drawing a line, the radius jumps between small and big, and the stroke begin with strange jittering.
I had to repeat every stroke many times to get a good result, but it ends up far to white.
I checked all burshstroke options,restarted Blender nothing helped.
Then i closed one window down to the Taskmenu… and the brush worked as expected.
Now i just expend one blender instance over both screens and it seems to work well.

So, is my Computer to bad, or is this just a strange bug of Blender?
Greetings Max

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Seems hardware and Blender interaction. Might be someone that uses a tablet could answer this. Never worked in anything but a single window.


guessing its a drawing tablet with a screen?

is it when say having blender texture painting open on both the tablet and the screen that this happens.
as in the image editor window in Paint mode rather than view and the texture painting model view on another.

just wondering if it can be replicated.

I only have a simple tablet thats non screen.


Yeah it is a Screen Drawing Tablet :sweat_smile: it would be really hard to have a blender window on a Tablet without a screen :rofl: , It’s a XP-Pen Artist R22 Pro if this matters.

I had on my main screen a Blender Instance with:

  • Image Editor on “Paint”
  • Shader Editor on “Object”

On My Tablet i opened a new Blender Instance with:
-3D Viewport on “Texture Paint”

with both Instances open and drawing on my tablet, i had this problem.
Minimize the window on my Main screen, stops that Jittering.

CPU, GPU & RAM were normally busy.

This just made me wondering.

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