Jirak Brightarm - an Orc Swordmaster

So, after something like 3 months, I finally finished the course! It was a great journey and I learned a TON of things. I now move onto the Unreal Engine 5 tutorial and many more. Many thanks to Rick and Grant, for passing their vast knowledge in a structured and also entertaining way :slight_smile: Below is the final result - an animation I’ve made and a short story about my character, envisioned in it. As an old role-playing game veteran, I believe that having a backstory for a character is just as important as software skills and reference images. Maybe some older veterans will recognize the fantasy setting of Earthdawn, I grew up with :slight_smile:

“…Jirak Brightarm is a renowned Swordmaster. In his youth, he discovered his discipline call, as finesse and feistiness came natural to him as opposed to the more traditional brutal speed and strength of other orcs. However, his career nearly ended prematurely as he fell victim to his own gahad, a bright and strong flame of emotions that burns in every orc’s heart. It urged him to challenge a far superior opponent to a duel. A bout ended quickly with Jirak’s right arm severed at the elbow, along with the tip of his right ear. Stricken and bleeding, Jirak would have died if not for his opponent. An experienced elven swordmaster recognized the young orc’s potential and decided to help. Not only he paid for the physician’s aid and healing potions, but he also pulled a few strings to acquire a seed of living crystal. In an arranged ritual, it was planted in the stump of Jirak’s arm. It started to grow through his muscles and bones and after a day, a magical crystalline prothesis was ready. Then, the elf offered his tutelage to Jirak. At first, training and adaptation to his new arm was uneasy, but very soon the orc discovered that the crystal easily channels his inner magic. This greatly enhanced his already impressive skill with a sabre. He decided to embrace it. He trained further, weaving additional magical threads into his arm, strengthening the connection of the two Patterns. It not only gave an edge in combat, but also an imposing style! He started to gain his first victories in bouts, duels and against various monsters, lurking on the trails of Barsavie. With victories, came fame and wealth. He used the latter to hire a skilled weaponsmith and elementalist to further reinforce his arm. They forged an enclosure of orichalcum plating with essence of True Air woven in between the pieces, reducing their weight and acting as strapping and padding. Such combination, while limiting some of his movements, ensured the best possible protection of already durable living crystal and a stout where it was rooted. The magic ensured that his cuts remained swift and strong. Soon, a heavy armoured arm became Jirak’s signature. With the bright glow, emerging from under the plating, it earned him his nickname “Brightarm”. Today, he’s a famous and well-respected fencer and adventurer, travelling the southern Barsavie, from Cara-Fahd to Kratas and Travar and even as far as Urupa. He retained his feistiness, while also gaining wisdom and experience. However, he still faces a threat of gahad suddenly emerging. A dreadful flame of emotions ever present…”

From “The Life and Feats of Modern Day Adepts”
by Thelik of Iopos

P.S. If someone can point me to a good tutorial of how to rig armour and weapons, so they also work well in Unity and UE5, I will be grateful!


That’s a fantastic achievement! Completing a course and creating an animation as well as a detailed character backstory is a significant milestone. It’s clear that you’ve put a lot of thought and creativity into your character, Jirak Brightarm. The backstory you’ve provided is rich and engaging, perfectly blending elements of fantasy and character development.



What more can I say? You’ve created two wonderful videos, and the backstory is absolutely fantastic!! :clap:


This is amazing.
Character, animation, very atmospheric, and a backstory! +1


Thank You all :slight_smile:


EDIT: I’ve corrected the walking animation and updated the video in the main post :slight_smile:

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After a few days, I’ve also made some stills of the character, so I share them as well.


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