Jerky Balbuzard - Rotate Ship With Position & Throw

As I read here and here, it seems that using the New Input system may causes some jerky issues.

I will stick with my jerks for now, waiting for Rick’s challenge marking before tweaking anything. I’m not sure of the yaw stuff :grimacing:

private void ProcessRotation()
        float pitchDueToPosition = transform.localPosition.y * positionPitchFactor; // Tangage du à la position

        float pitchDueToControlThrow = yThrow * controlPitchFactor; // Tangage du à la poussée

        float yawDueToPosition = transform.localPosition.z * positionYawFactor; // Lacet du à la position

        float rollDueToControlThrow = xThrow * controlRollFactor; // Roulis du à la poussée
        float pitch = pitchDueToPosition + pitchDueToControlThrow; // Le tangage à appliquer
        float yaw = yawDueToPosition; // Le lacet à appliquer
        float roll = rollDueToControlThrow; // Le roulis à appliquer
        transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Euler(pitch, yaw, roll);

EDIT: Of course there was a mistake with the yaw :sweat:

float yawDueToPosition = transform.localPosition.x * positionYawFactor;

Should be better :smirk:

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