Japanese Water Lanterns (CC Welcome)

Hi everyone,

So, after doing this course intensely for a few weeks, I’m finally at a place where things start to click and I am inspired to begin experimenting.

This is an experiment in lighting, water and optimal rendering. I’m currently going through that Ira Glass thing in which my taste far exceeds my abilities - which is to say, I know it’s un-amazing :slight_smile: ; at this point I would welcome some constructive criticism - in particular, help in achieving photorealistic lighting and rendering.

All help would be appreciated - thanks so much!



Though my expertise definitely does not extend to photorealism or lighting in general, I think that the scene would benefit from a great big shining moon; not enough to drown out the light from the lanterns but just something to give the water that little bit extra life.

Just a suggestion; it may not look quite as I imagine in implementation, though.

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Thanks! I think you’re absolutely right - I did in fact experiment with a moon-ish light source (hence the silvery light refractions on the left side). But that makeshift moonlight clearly doesn’t cut it on several levels… In any case, really good advice. Thanks again:)

There are so many things you could do to it, lighten the sky background maybe a wee bit, not to much, though. Perhaps in the background a black/dark tree silhouette for a bit more depth, or, even branches on the side of the foreground. But to be honest, I really like this piece as it is.

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