I've done my own head

I haven’t watched all lectures before finishing my head, so I didn’t use multi-res and did nearly no sculpting. The bump is an altered b/w picture of myself and there’s also a bit of a mix of an picture of me inside it.
Also I haven’t started with a mesh but with a single vertex instead and created the loops as I’ve built the model.


I was a bit bored and wanted to try the filmic blender. After tweaking light, shaders and a bit of hair style (for the beard) I managed to improve it quite a bit.


I can’t wait to get the skills to do something this good. (Watch out for G-man and the Combine soldiers!)

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wow , well done !

That looks amazing. Im struggling with this section, been through it a couple of times.
But looking at this its inspiring to go through it again!

Brilliant work, keep it up.


Creative solution to modeling this lesson.

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