I've deleted a vertex can I add one back in?

the front and back of my low poly big man are different the back is missing a vertex as pictured creating a dreaded triangle … i google right clicking will add …but it does something weird as well…un able to undo


fixed next chapater taught me the knife tool :slight_smile: awsome!


I got kinda confused because I saw the unity tag and have never seen this in unity lol.

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Hi Milarky,

Is this a problem in Unity? If not, I’d like to move your thread to the correct subforum.

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Sounds like a Blender topic to me

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I agree. I’m moving this thread to the Blender subforum now.

@Milarky, if your problem referred to Unity, please let me know, and I’ll move your thread back.


Another option as to select the edge with missing vertices.
Then subdivide the edge.
Then select two veritices and us the ‘j’ Join key, making a new edge and two faces.

Have fun, knif is a good solution too.

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