It's finally here!

At long last, I have finally finished my text101 game!
It’s been a long time coming, what with real life (4 kids and a wife) interfering, job changes, various jobs around the house needing doing (insert other excuses here) but I’m finally done!
Those with loooong memories will remember my first version of this game, Abduction, was posted in March last year. Holy cow, time flies.
This is my final version.
After watching the original tutorial and finding out how to escape a cell, I wasn’t happy with the finished product because it wasn’t really a game; remember maybe 8 button presses and you can complete the game. No changes, no challenges, no nothing.
I decided that I actually wanted to make a proper game out of it so I created this.
I probably don’t have some of the nice features used in the 2018 version of Text101, but give it a chance, you might like it.
There was so much I wanted to do, that I went way beyond the basic stuff needed in lesson 1, and had to teach myself a whole load of stuff to make this game work.
A have puzzles, timers, an inventory system!(yes, i made an inventory system all by myself - it’s probably inefficient as hell, but it works!), a secret maze (if you find it, i highly recommend you make a map), that has an entrance that moves do a random location every time the game is started and a secret room that is a different location every time the game is started, I have a bad guy that moves around and kills you!
Yes, death is a thing. I recommend that if you find Wuffles, you stay away from him!

Anyway, you can find my final version of Abduction right here on this convenient clicky link!

I can finally move onto lesson 2 :smiley:!

If you have any suggestions (other than “work faster!”) I’m all ears.


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