It's a whole new world out there

Day 2 on learning code for the first time so I’ve no shame in sharing my attempt :joy:
Trying to get the challenges done purely from memory but it helps rule out ways NOT to write code!


The method and layout demonstrated doesn’t seem to work for me… deleting the final line or adding another curly bracket doesn’t work!

I believe you are missing two curley brackets in your script.

In your void CheckForMovement function. You have 3 opening curly brackets and only 2 closing brackets. After you print, you’re home, hombre. Go to the next line and add a closing curley bracket.

Then you’ll also need another closing curley bracket at the very bottom of the script to close off the script.
Right after monobehaviour you have an opening bracket, so at the very end of the script we need a closing bracket.

Don’t worry about having mistakes with opening and closing brackets though. You’ll get used to the syntax rules over time.

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You actually hit the nail on the head there! Works perfectly, thank you!

You’re very welcome. Glade it helped you out. =D

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