It's a simple toy car 🚙

I’ve created a simple toy car made of 1 big rectangle for the car’s main body, 1 reshaped cone for the car’s upper body, 4 torus for the tyres and 2 small cylinders for the car’s front light.

The four views are inspired from @BriannaELeahy and I like how the views are positioned like this :blush:

Do check her work guys, she made a beautiful potted flower :blossom: here’s a link to her post: Section 1 Part 11 Challenge: Potted flower made of blocks :)


Thank you very much rabiatulmha! That is very generous of you! And yes, I have found that having the orthographic views in miniature really help me work more efficiently; I hope you find it as useful as well!

Also, your car is so fun! :slight_smile:

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