It was a dark and stormy night

Just took a stab at volumetrics, but coudn’t get the ‘searchlight’ effect to work from the lighthouse. The overall fog looks good though.


Nice bro


You can add more specific volumetric searchlight objects (cones) to the scene. The 3D design is based not only on real physics but also on additional tricks to simulate the effects of desire.

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Yes, I tried actually using a spotlight object with a very narrow angle, but the rendering was weird, looked like smoke and fireflies.


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Cycles or Eevee …
Probably a set-up mismatch.

The original was in Cycles.
Managed to get an almost okay effect in Eevee but it didn’t show up in the water reflection.

Bit more tweaking to reduce the beam of doom look.

Not bad overall, but Eevee doesn’t do the volumetric fog quite as nicely as Cycles.


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