It doesnt show me the unit (meters, centimeters, etc)?

Hi, I’m not sure I can help you but I’ll try. My Units section looks different, is yours located at the same place? (Properties Panel > Scene > Units). After changing the units it shows correctly, and to go back to Blender Units I just switch the “Length” to “None”. Maybe It’s a version thing, mine is 2.78c

Pretty hard to see whats going on with just that little bit of the screen. There is a lot of information displayed that you’ve cut away so there’s not much help we can give.

thanks, I replied with a full screen image below.

Well, I see that you are using v2.77 so I might recommend upgrading to 2.78 as it restores that functionality. Here’s a shot of that same scene in 2.78

Im gonna try that, thanks, i hope it works.

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