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I am following the classes. So I created a project and started following each course step-by-step.

However, when I close the project and try to reopen it later, the assets disappear the C++ classes are not listed, despite the source code exits. How can I fix that so I don’t need to download the source code from git and don’t lose all the work until a certain point because I stopped?

All help is welcome.


The Thread is closed, but to solve this issue:

  • Open your project, opened
  • open any C++ class from Unreal Editor,
  • Close UE editor
  • on the open VS code ctrl+Shift+B
  • then use Editor Development {Buil,Rebuild}

So if was ToonTanks
ToonTanksEditor Wing64 Development Build

That will regenerate all references on VS project.

Open Unreal Editor, and all classes will now be listed there
Good Coding!


Before closing the project make sure you build your c++ file.


The source may still be there. First, have you turned off live coding (I’m assuming UE5) and this will help. As you add a C++ class, it will cause a build to happen. Alternatively, open the project with the editor closed and perform a build. This should then show the classes in the editor once you open it agian.

I hope this helps.

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