Issues with the finished project

Hello, before I work on the mega challenge I have two small issues to address:

  • With the default PlayerStart, my Tank Pawn was floating in the air. Seemingly because the Tank was spawned at the same height as the PlayerStart which had a greater height than the Tank. Simply moving the PlayerStart lower was breaking Pawn movements. I ended up shrinking the PlayerStart on the Z scale so that I could move it lower without making it overlap the floor. It does the trick but I’m curious about what would be the correct approach there, and why the instructor didn’t have this issue?

  • My second issue is that modifying the ProjectileSpeed uproperty in the BP_ProjectileBase doesn’t have any incidence. Despite having the lines

ProjectileMovement->InitialSpeed = ProjectileSpeed;
ProjectileMovement->MaxSpeed = ProjectileSpeed;

in the constructor, if I inspect any spawned projectile in a paused game it shows the correct value for the ProjectileSpeed variable but both InitialSpeed and MaxSpeed are set to the hardcoded default value.


  1. I’m assuming he got lucky in his placement and size of the collision capsule/tank
  2. That would need to be moved to a different function. The projectile’s constructor has already been run so modifying those values in the editor isn’t going to re-run that. Moving it to BeginPlay isn’t going to work either as the projectile is already in motion at that point. I believe PostActorCreated should work.

Thanks Dan!

PostActorCreated indeed works. In the lecture these were set in the constructor…

Do you have a suggestion of a good read/watch to get a good understanding of these different “lifecycle” methods and when to use them?

I’m pretty sure I’ve made an issue regarding that. I’ll see what’s up with that.

Re: life cycle

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