Issues with [SerializeFeild]

Im having an issue where whenever i type [SerializeFeild] type name then as soon as i press ; it automatically makes a new line and makes my codes look like this
type name;
instead of all one single line. how do i change this? my code still works and i can go back and delete the spaces in between but its just annoying and if i leave it, it doesnt look neat.
thanks for any help!


You don’t place a semi-colour after the attribute. The semi-colon is to indicate the end of a statement/code block - Visual Studio will be being helpful by placing the cursor on a new line when you are pressing this as it assumes the end of a statement/code block.

Both of these examples are fine to use;

[SerializeField] \<type> \<name>
\<type> \<name>

There is no need for the above to be on one line, unless you want it to be.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

p.s. might just be in this post and not in your actual code, but checking the spelling of the attribute also, its “Field” not “Feild”. :slight_smile:

thank you for replying but I do need the smi-colon, my scripts wont work without it. the issue im having is with my config params. for example this is what they look like right now
[SerializeField] float moveSpeed = 10f;
[SerializeField] float padding = 1f;
[SerializeField] GameObject laserPrefab;
[SerializeField] float projectileSpeed = 10f;
[SerializeField] float fireSpeed = 0.1f;
but i had to change all of these to delete the space in between them, because whevener i type in the semi-colon it moves everything after [SerializeField] to the next line.
im thinking there is a way in visual stuido to change this but im not sure where.

in case anyone else is having this issue, i figured it out. i was using an old version of visual studio, once i got a newer version it works fine.

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