Issues with Raylib

Did the whole course without a hitch, then get to the last “Classy Clash” part and I can’t do anything. Yes, I’ve looked at all the updated git code and changes for all the json files. I have both manually changed all the json file changes, and have downloaded the updated raylib 4.0 vscode template and took all the proper steps to make sure it would work, but it still says main doesnt exist. I even restarted and deleted it all and tried again but still nothing. There is nothing that’s been uploaded that has done anything to help me. So unless something changes, I can’t complete the course.

The error in the Terminal suggests that the make process (which eventually engages the compiler) can’t find a cpp that contains the main function to prepare for the compiler.

The makefile contained in the template project assumes all cpp files are stored in the root folder of your project, can you show me the file structure for your project in VS Code?

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