Issues with only this video not playing on Udemy website

videos before and after work just fine, and videos in other courses work fine too.
works on my phone (which is how I’m going to have to proceed for this video).
not a huge issue but just wondering, any one else here having this issue?

sound is not coming in mine

Seems to be a chrome issue. worked fine in edge.

just strange that it would only be that one video

nvm. went to get a coffee now its down on my phone and on edge TT_TT.

ok well the issue seems to come because I set the quality to 720p. when i set it to auto it plays on chrome edge and my phone just fine but it jumps down in quality quite a bit. set it to 720p and kaput, it’s gone.

im done with the lecture and moving on to the next one but if anyone has this issue check to see if the video is set to 720p or auto, that might be it.

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