Issues with key stroke order in the block model

I have been struggling through most of the lessons…and this one has broke my confidence…lol. I am super confused by the extrude, the locking of axis…in terms of the actual key stroke combination ( i.e in which order do I hit what)

As an example

When I extruded in this lesson I go over to the tools bar…because when I hit “E” it automatically jumps to 1.00 blender units, then am I holding the Z key while holding the E key…if i let go of E then it doesn’t do anything , but if I hold Z and E it loses it’s mind.

Then if I am fortunate enough for the extrusion to take I can not enter anything on the number pad…it adjusts my view. So while Michael is hitting .3 …I am not able to do that because I am already out of extrusion when I released a mouse button…do I need to hold the mouse button during the entire operation?

I am getting kinda there , but I am really missing WHY it is working…i.e. which button should be held first, 2nd and 3rd…this 3 minute lesson took m3 30 min to fumble with and I finally gave up.

Is there an order of operations to this you could share that would help show what comes first in the key stroke sequence ?

Hi Jeremy, I’m not a pro but I might be able to help. When I do any of the operations I do not hold any button. I press and release E to start extrusion, press Z once to lock the extrusion to z coordinates. After that, I hit the number keys to give it the value, and left click to confirm. So it might be because you are holding the keys. (I use a laptop, so I do not have the numpad. Maybe you should try using the number keys by the letters instead because the numpad may be locked to change views)

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