Issues moving around my scene

So, just a little background about my setup in case it’s relevant. I recently got a new drive for my windows install, and COMPLETELY reinstalled everything on my computer. I neglected to save my Blender settings, but was not overly concerned as my layout isn’t THAT different from the default and was easy to set up again, and I didn’t recall any other settings I had changed at the time. I was wrong.

When I load my modular dungeon, and try to start the torch tutorial, I run into problems with moving the view in my primary view (where I do all my work). I hid all my floors and walls, to make it easier to start on the torch, and now can’t move around my scene properly once I get close to my new cylinder. The pivot point for rotation also seems to be NOT on the item I have selected or my world origin - if I zoom out enough I can move. I recall having an issue like this before, but can’t recall how I fixed it (was also a different version of blender at the time I changed the settings as well). Additionally when I rotate, it’s more like I’m rotating a camera, rather than around my object (I’m not in camera view).

For additional info - I also have 3 windows on the left side to view Top view, Front, and Right so that I can see how my object looks in those views, and THOSE views seem to move just fine. Any help would be amazing as I was hoping to get through a good chunk of tutorials today.

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In Preferences, navigation, is orbit around selection ticked? Or un ticked if you prefer not.

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Ahhh! I think that was it! Thank you.

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