Issues Having Projectiles Move

Posting this here in case others have the same problem. Here goes.

So sometimes if I am really confident with what the next step is (finally getting my feet under me!), I will just listen along as I look at what I am doing on my screen. Typically this isn’t a problem because I will just type what is being said, or its obvious what to click.

This is not necessarily true in the “Spawning Projectiles” lesson. Shortly after 7:50, when we have our new vectors set, Brice says to set the players initial velocity. I thought, I don’t need my player to have initial velocity, I like how we start in one spot. But then when I tested the game, my lasers didn’t fire. What was the issue!? Everything else was the same.

What it turned out, is that when Brice said to change the players initial velocity, he meant that since we declared the laser speed as as a public float, we needed to go to our player in the hierarchy and set it’s initial velocity in the inspector.

I hope this post will save at least one other person the 5 minutes it took me to figure out what was going on, after rewinding and going through the process again.


Thanks, this was actually helpful I kind of dismissed it at first, then I encountered the part you were talking about. And I agree it can be easily misconstrued to mean, changing the player’s actual speed. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hey it helpt me out to.


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