Issue with Web5 During Collision


I’ve encountered a strange issue with this project.
Specifically, when exporting to Web5 for, the game causes the entire browser to hang when a collision occurs – either with the landing pad or the environment. Whenever particle effects emit, the game freezes and the entire browser follows suit. I’ve tested this on multiple computers and the result is always the same.
To see what I mean: Project Boost by imaginaryZenith

Please help!

For further clarification – this issue doesn’t occur in engine, or when the project is exported to an .exe

I’ve since resolved this issue by implementing a combination of the following:

  • Changing success_particles, explosion_particles and booster_particles from GPUParticles3D to CPUParticles3D
  • Increasing Fixed Frame Rate of those particles from 30 to 60
  • In Project Settings, enabling “Run on Separate Thread” in Physics > 3D

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