Issue with walk forward animation

Hi, I’ve been pondering my head with this issue for a while now. The idle animation of my Alien works and it moves towards the player but I can’t get it animate to move forward. When I change the spider speed in the animation preview editor it does animate to move forward so something must be wrong with the function.
I’m using Unreal Engine 4.23.4 so that may differ in what I can and cannot use. The only difference is the Calculate movement function. It’s different from what the course shows.

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You probably never setup the link between the idle and move forward. Sad that this sat here for 2 months…nearly 100 people saw it and not one person tried to help…

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What is in your Event Blueprint Begin Play?

Have you tried to use “Print String” to catch, if the cast (mayb) fails?

This is my Even Blueprint Begin Play of the Spider Animation Blueprint and the cast doesn’t fail it seems

I do have the link set up here but I think I might have done something wrong with the spider speed variable

Mhh it is a bit tricky finding a bug in you game just by seeing little bit of you code…

Please show me your Impure func “Movement Speed”. I uses Pure&Const here, i asume there is an error there OR in your staterules (show these also plz).

I think, that the speed is not properly changed and thats the reason, why walk anim is not plaiyng on waling.


Thank you I didn’t know Const and Pure needed to be enabled for the Movement Speed function, I followed the rest of the video and everything works like intended! This is such a relief it’s fixed now.


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I am glad I could help you!

I am really curious about, what you canged else? Because a impure function should have done the same :sweat_smile:

There was also an issue with the object variable of the Spider Blueprint, it didn’t take the correct input object that spawned into the game for some reason, I redid the object variable earlier when I was looking for a solution but didn’t solve anything at the time.

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