Issue with Unity Web Player

I can’t view my own game in Firefox or Google Chrome no matter how many time I install Unity Web player. Then I can only view some of the other students games. Am I doing something wrong here?

Same issue with me.

Most modern browsers no longer support the underlying technology required by the Unity Web Player.

You can build a standalone version and share that with friends and family via a shared drive/USB stick etc.

Or, you could consider upgrading to a more recent version of Unity, the Unity Web Player is obsolete as of 5.4 and has been replaced with a WebGL build option, which you could then build and upload to or for example.

During the course you upgrade to Unity 5 later anyway, if you upgrade earlier you will experience some API changes but these have all been covered already on the forum.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I downloaded the newest version of Unity and upgraded my game project. The assets, script, and scene are there, but when I press play nothing happens. No errors are being spit out in the terminal.

Are there specific lines of code we used that aren’t supported?


When you say nothing happens, is this within Unity, or in a separate build (WebGL / Standalone etc)?

I don’t recall anything specific from Text101 that would be an issue regarding the more recent versions of Unity, a lot of the changes in the API get updated automatically, and for any that don’t you’d typically expect to see an error.

Is the scene listed in the Build Settings?

Hi Rob,

I’m sorry, I should have been clearer. Something does happen. The game plays, but none of the text appears and the keyboard commands don’t change the state in the terminal.


Hi Michael,

Do you see the Prison logo, or is the whole display empty?

If you check the scene, are the relevant GameObjects still in the hierarchy?

Assuming so, check to see if the GameObject which should have your script attach still does - these can often become unlinked if you, for example, were to rename it.

Failing that, zip up the projects files and upload it here (10mb limit) and I will take a quick look for you :slight_smile:

Hi Rob,

Sorry for the slow reply. I didn’t have time to look at this again for a few days. I decided to try again and found that I just had some layering issues. I had added quite a few art assets and I’m still getting used to arranging what the camera does and doesn’t see. I figured it out, and here is the link to my game:

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This is really well done Michael, excellent work. Great story, nice images - I really like the parchment/scroll that the text appears over.

Well done and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


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