Issue with Unity Freezing Up

I don’t know where I should be posting this because it is a general question and not specific to this stage in the course but . . .

I was just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with Unity freezing up on occasion. It’s been an ongoing issue for me. It takes forever to load in the first place but occasionally, it will freeze up and then either I will have to force it to shut down, in which case I lose whatever hasn’t saved, or it will shut itself down.

I have had some issues, not that extreme, but enough that I hesitate to do much extreme tuning of my game, fearing I will screw up the whole project in the process.

For instance, I scaled my paddle on the x axis and that changed the icon image representing my ball from a ball image to a white speaker icon. Everything else seems to work fine when testing but little anomalies like that drive me crazy because I won’t move forward until I figure out what is going on and sometimes I don’t figure it out.

You might find this is Unity auto generating the lighting data for your games.

To test the theory, goto the menu at the top, select Windows, then Rendering and Lighting Settings.

The Lighting Settings window will appear, you can dock it like any of the other windows if you want to. At the bottom of the settings you’ll see an option for Auto Generate, untick it.

This will prevent Unity from generating you lighting data each time you. Modify something in your scene. This process can be resource intensive, so if you have a lower spec computer you may experience this as lag.

Remember of course that with this option disabled Unity is not automatically generating your lighting data, although this will be done when you build. The down side of this is that you don’t get a flavour for how things will look in the scene whilst you are working away.

What you can do though is use the Gemerate button which is next to the Auto Generate option to manually create the lighting data. You could do this at the beginning and then just periodically as you make significant changes within the scene.

Remember, this option and the data is scene soecific, so you will need to redo these steps in others scenes you work in also.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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