Issue with starting a game from Main menu

Hi, I’ve got an interesting issue that I can’t seem to solve on my own (I’ve been trying for a couple of hours now). When I launch the game from the game map (named A_Whole_New_World) the player tank and another tank added to the map load fine and physics seem to work so the tanks drop down to the ground as you’d expect as shown here:

However, when I load the game from the main menu the player tank falls to the ground as normal, but the other tank does something strange. It’ll glitch and jump around colliding with with the player tank, fall through the world or flying off into the distance as shown by:

I think it has something to do with either the model itself or some physics setting that is being pass to the tank when moving from the main menu to the tank level, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

I’ve tried rebuilding the tank and its blueprint from scratch as well as the main menu. I’ve even set everything the way that Ben has in the lecture video, all with the same results.

Any help with the matter would be greatly appreciated. I will be continuing with the course but bypassing any main menu implementation until I can figure out a solution with the Main Menu is.

Unreal Engine 4.16.1 (I’ve tried downgrading the engine to 4.10 and Visual Studio to 2015, but the project won’t build)
Visual Studio 2017
Git for project : (The commits are a bit messy as I’m still learning to use source control)

Even more perplexing, when the game is packaged to windows, this problem doesn’t manifest itself. Now I’m even more confused then before.

I think I fixed the issue.
If you set the Collision Presets for both tracks to OverlapAll, the track collision model doesn’t glitch into the ground and doesn’t mess with the physics for any of the tanks. Will update if there are any changes in the future.

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