Issue with selecting parent socket

I was following the video, ignoring the old issue as I read it was resolved, but I stumble into my own issue:

Every time I try to click the magnifying glass to find a socket to stick the turret to the body or the barrel to the turret nothing happens (no dropdown menu is shown). I made sure the socket was registering in the mesh editor and that I was parenting the things correctly. I even went as far as resetting the project and remaking the blueprint from scratch to no avail. I noticed that in the message log every time I try to click the magnifying glass in the main editor it shows me this message:

LogSlate:Warning: Menu could not be pushed. A path to the parent widget(SSCSEditor [BlueprintEditor.cpp(2311)]) could not be found

My version is 4.15.1. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m using the same version of Unreal and have the same problem. Fortunately there’s other ways of getting this put together. I was able to use the Construction Script tab of the tank blueprint to accomplish (hopefully) the same thing.

Not sure if it’s the correct way to do it, or if there are any draw backs from doing this way, but it’s a way forward. Still looking for a formal fix to the bug though.

Any feed back is welcome :).

I had the same issue, but all i had to do was grab the component “Turret” and add it to the component “Tank”. Then select Turret and this time the magnify glass should let you put the parent socket of Turret as Turret. I am guessing this is just something that UE used to do automatically… Hope this helps.

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